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Autumn Colours

Master in the Kitchen has been quiet of late. Lots of cooking and baking going on over here but just not enough time to post regularly. Two main reason for this silence – firstly work. Secondly our kitchen is in need of a complete overhaul (more on that in another post). In my free time I’ve been trying to stay stress free by knitting.

When I met my husband he never went to football matches. I had never picked up a pair of knitting needles in my life. Now he is totally crazy about our local football team and I spend my spare time knitting.  We’re learning to tolerate each other’s new found loves. I’m not crazy that he likes to spend Saturday evenings in the stands. He’s not overly crazy about me spending every spare minute buried behind balls of wool – but we’re beginning to realise that our new passions are cheaper than purchasing an expensive motor-bike. All things considered we’re exhibiting a fairly mild case of mid-life crisis.

My latest project is a design by Marie Wallin who does some incredible Fair Isle knitting designs. I have always adored the beautiful colours of tweed and Scottish tartan – and of course I am completely enamoured with the whole Fair Isle romance of misty islands and cosy knitting …

Anyway my local knitting shop does some great work-shops where I learned the Fair Isle technique of weaving in the strands at the back of the knit as in the example here:


This year’s project chosen by our local work-shop is the Pine Poncho as featured in Marie Wallin’s Autumn Collection. It’s a daunting project because it is so big but when I saw the pictures I was smitten and knew I had to give this a go.


Marie Wallin Pine-Poncho_03_025

Marie Wallin Autumn Poncho.jpg

I felt like a kid at Christmas when I picked up the box of Rowan colours at the shop and couldn’t wait to get started.


Three weeks ago I sat down to start.  I cast on 335 stitches. I did this twice. The first and second time there was a twist – arghhh … so twice I pulled it out to start all over again. Eventually I got it right and could get started with the border.

At the beginning of October the weather was still mild enough to sit outside in the garden. I made myself comfortable with a warm cup of tea and the pattern in hand. It was like starting out on a long, long journey … to begin with it was exciting and jolly….. but as I set out I wondered if, like a long car journey, it would get tedious once the initial excitement wore off?


In reality there is enough colour and pattern in this project to keep the journey varied and interesting. I find myself hooked on the need to finish just another row so that I can see the colours and patterns emerge. I am completely enthralled with Fair Isle knitting and keep finding newer patterns which I’m dying to try out – but first I must finish this poncho! This is where I’m at as of today:

This is where I am at now:


… and below are some autumn colours from our local wood which I think match Marie Wallin’s choice of Rowan colours for her interpretation of an autumn pine poncho:



… and here are some photos I took of some autumn walks with Charlie.




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  1. Such a beautiful, lovely blog post! Your photographs are exquisite!
    I, too, love Marie Wallin’s Fair Isle designs. They are magnificent!
    Wishing you a nearly stress free Thanksgiving full of delicious food, time with those you love, and plenty of Fair Isle knitting!

  2. Thanks Sheryl ! I’m glad you enjoy the photos 🙂 I really enjoy taking them. We don’t celebrate Thanks Giving over here – but I hope you have a stress free time and enjoy some days of peace with friends and family 🙂

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