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Honey and tarragon pork tenderloin

This is such a simple recipe. It takes ten minutes max. to prepare the marinade yet the long soak really does impart the fresh flavour of tarragon teamed up with the sweetness of honey. You can make this marinade for just about any piece of pork – fillet, chops, cutlets, cheeks.  You can fry the tenderloin, the chops or the cutlets but I’m not so good with frying – probably because I don’t have a very subtle hob that is good at controlling temperature. Further the honey in the marinade means the outside will caramalise and potentially burn before the meat is cooked properly, which is why roasting is a better option. Be sure to take the meat out of the fridge at least one hour before preparing so that the final meat is tender.



1 red onion

1 tbs. honey

1 bunch of tarragon

A good glug of white wine vinegar

A good glug of olive oil

Salt and pepper.


Chop the tarragon finely, reserving some for decoration. Combine the salt, pepper, tarragon and honey with the white wine vinegar. When the honey has dissolved into the vinegar add a generous amount of olive oil.


Line the pork in a baking dish and sprinkle generously with sea salt and ground pepper on both sides. Pour the marinade over the pork, making sure to cover the meat evenly with the marinade. Leave to rest for a minimum of one hour – more if possible. Before placing  in the oven chop the red onion up and layer in between the pork. Add around 1 cm of water to the bottom of the pan to add some moisture (but don’t soak the pork in water.)


Cover the baking tray with some silver foil and place in the oven on 160 degrees centigrade for approx. 45 mins. Occasionally baste the pork with the juices from the pork. Remove the silver foil and allow the top of the meat to brown for a further 15 mins. Leave to rest for about ten minutes before carving.


Here are some chops I made using the same marinade.

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