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Ol’ Limey Honey and Coconut Cheesecake

I have a feeling this raw cheese cake would appeal to the Royal Navy of yester-year since it is full of fresh lime juice to keep the scurvy at bay and one can only imagine the mariners of old eating plenty of coconuts as they landed in paradise on their way to discovering new lands. For those of you who abhor anything grain based you’ll also be pleased to know this recipe doesn’t rely on biscuits to form the base but almonds and coconut. I used honey as a sweetener which is a very mild way to sweeten a cake. I loved it – but some members of the family protested that it wasn’t sweet enough, so depending on how puritanical you’re feeling you might want to add some sugar alongside the honey to give this cake an added boost. You can also replace lime with lemon if you prefer  – and if you don’t like coconut use cream instead of coconut milk.

This recipe fits a 23 or 26 cm tin.


For the base

100 gr. desiccated coconut

100 gr. ground almonds

80 gr. of butter – or a good pat of butter.

For the cake

500 gr. of home-made yoghurt cream cheese

1 tin of coconut milk (or cream)

The juice of 3 limes (or 1 lemon)

4 tbs. honey (if you want you can add some sugar)

6 eggs (the yoke separated from the whites)

2 packets of powdered gelatine

Day 1

Begin by pouring 1 lt. of yoghurt or clabbered milk into a bowl.  Add the juice of the three limes plus the honey and stir until evenly mixed. Proceed to make cream cheese as set out here. You should get approx. 500 gr. of cream cheese. (The whey, by the way, from this home-made cream cheese tastes delicious especially when drunk chilled. It is a natural health tonic full of beneficial mirco-organisms. Don’t bin it!)

Day 2

Mix the coconut and almonds together in a bowl and add the melted butter. The texture should be a bit crumbly but if it really fails to hold add a touch of cream to make it a bit stickier. Sprinkle over the base of an oiled spring form tin and flatten with the base of a wide spoon. Leave to rest in the fridge for thirty minutes or so.


Mix the cream cheese with the coconut milk in a bowl. The cream cheese will already be sweetened by the honey but if you want to add some more do so now or add sugar until it has reached a level of sweetness that you, the cook, are happy with.

Separate the egg yokes from the egg whites and beat the egg whites, with a pinch of salt, until they are stiff. Place the egg yokes in a pan together with the powdered gelatine and whisk together on a low heat – make sure not to overheat the egg yokes or they will scramble. When all the gelatine has melted ( this should go quite quickly) mix the eggs with the the cream cheese and coconut milk. Finally fold the beaten egg whites into the mixture.

Pour the filling over the flattened and chilled almonds/coconuts and place in the fridge overnight or until the cake has set.

When it has set decorate with some fresh fruit and enjoy!



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