Spring Recipes
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Asparagus Tips

The flavour of asparagus is concentrated in the delicate spear-heads whilst the base of the asparagus tends to be milder – and depending on the age of the asparagus – can be woody and fibrous. I was, therefore, pleased to see the farmer selling just the asparagus tips on the market at a reasonable price last Friday. We ate them alongside some lemon chicken drumsticks. They were delicious! Some of the left-overs I added to a potato salad the following day.


1 kg of asparagus tips


Salt & pepper

Juice of ½ a lemon


Rinse the asparagus tips underneath some cold water and leave them to soak in cold, salted water for ½ hour. Drain and rinse before proceeding to the next step.

Add around 5 cm of salted water to a wide pan. When it comes to the boil add the asparagus tips and leave to cook for around ten minutes. At this point the asparagus should still be hard not completely softened.

Turn the heat off, put a lid over the pan and leave the asparagus tips to steam in the pan for a further 5-10 mins. When they have softened sufficiently drain the water from the pan. Before serving sprinkle the asparagus with salt, pepper, some chives or parsley and a good pat of butter. Finally squeeze some lemon juice over the whole and serve.

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