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Easy to prepare, everyday dishes are magnificent works of art prepared by ordinary, home cooks each and everyday all over the world. We may not all be able to paint like the old masters, compose music like Mozart, write like Shakespeare or sculpt like Michelangelo … but happily for us we can all master the art of home cooking.

Master in the Kitchen is not about striving to become a master chef. That would be far too demanding and exhausting. The master cook differs from the master chef in that the home cook need not fret about presentation, exact measurements or Michelin star reviews. The home cook is not looking to make a living out of their everyday cooking – they are looking to prepare tasty, nutritious meals. Mastering our kitchen skills is about feeling confident enough to eyeball the ingredients and decide what will work well in what combination.

Every great master has been faked at some point. Home cooking is no exception. Food fakes are two-a-penny today. Fraudsters, have become adept at peddling food that looks like the real thing, feels like the real thing and even tastes like the real thing. Artful marketing assures us we are purchasing a genuine item. Experts confirm the fake is of sound provenance and perfectly fit for human consumption. They have either been duped or are in on the act. It can be hard to tell.

The modern fraud of our favourite home-cooked dishes has made our food choices a fraught affair. Over the past century our understanding of food has undergone a monumental shift in understanding the like of which no other century has witnessed. For the first time, ever, we feel compelled to describe food as “real” and “natural”. Shouldn’t all food be real and natural? If we regularly talk about real and natural food – if even the food industry brands their artificial sugars as natural – then logic alone leads us to conclude that there must be fakes circulating on the market. With so much background noise and conflicting advice from all corners it is becoming increasingly harder to know who is right let alone what we should serve our family, friends and guests for supper.

Many of us smell a rat. Do we not talk endlessly about “junk” food, “artificial” foods and the undesirability of GMO food. The problem is that no one, yet, has managed to find where the rat is hiding and how to flush it out of our modern kitchens for good. With the water now so muddied and with even the experts divided over what is the healthiest diet is there a simple test that we, the ordinary everyday cook and consumer of food, can use to guide us in our everyday food choices?

Yes. Buy, prepare and eat only traditional foods according to traditional best practice. Master in the Kitchen sets out traditional best practice to help guide you on the way to becoming a confident cook of everyday culinary delights.



  1. David says

    I want to thank you for your wonderful website. I have spent several hours browsing. Your writings are wonderfully descriptive. I enjoyed your style as well as the content of your articles. I got to your site searching for fermentation information and I learned of new information in my time here. Also, I have marked several recipes to try.

    As a comment to your page on diets, I am a 76 year old American male who just crossed the line from obese to fat using the Keto diet. I swear by it, losing my first 40 pounds has been very easy. I can no longer eat the grains or things with sugar but I feel like I am getting healthy. This is after having a triple bypass heart surgery and a minor stroke.

    Thank you again for your wonderful writings.

  2. Dear David Many thanks for your kind comments. I’m delighted to read that you found something new and informative in some of my recipes – and congratulations on your weight loss. A fantastic achievement!

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