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Local Food Market for World Food Day

Last Saturday The Guardian featured some beautiful photographs of fruit and vegetable stores across the globe – from London to Cairo, from Bangladesh to Russia. It was a piece sponsored by Origin Green Ireland and was run in conjunction with World Food Day.  It was such a cool idea I decided to take some pictures of our local stall holders who every Saturday, come rain or shine, set up shop so that we can enjoy their first rate fruit and vegetables!

First up Maarten and Karen, (above) who run their own organic farm “De Levensbron” in Attenrode and who have been selling their fresh produce every Saturday at our local market for a number of years. I regularly use their fruit and vegetables in my dishes.


They are so popular in the summer the queue can be long and it can take a while to be served. It’s worth the wait.


Next up,  Linda. We were really pleased to see the return of this market stall in this September. The lady who ran the stall before her decided to stop in June citing (amongst other reasons for quitting) the Russian embargo on apples. Linda is her neighbour and has decided to take her stall over. Linda’s apples and pears come from orchards close to Tienen. They are not organic but I think they qualify as local, they taste amazing, the children eat them every day and at EUR 5 for 4 kg are value for money!




Roughly translated this sign reads: “Environmentally friendly. Home Grown.”


This gentleman (whose name I don’t know) sells a variety of traditionally fermented salamis.



Again I don’t know the name of this chap but he and his wife have been on the Saturday market since as long as I can remember. He is just about the only guy I know who sells the tiny cornichons, which I use for my fermented and vinegar pickle recipes.




To finish off a picture of some rather beautiful autumnal flowers.



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