Summer Recipes
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Balsamic vinegar and honey spare ribs


Pork spare ribs, balsamic vinegar, honey, cumin, star anise, cloves, salt & pepper.

For the marinade

Pour a generous helping of balsamic vinegar in a bowl and add around three to four table spoons of raw honey. Add a teaspoon of cumin, a star anise, three to four cloves and some salt & pepper. Stir the ingredients into the vinegar dispersing the flavours and the honey before adding some olive oil.

Pour the marinade over the spare ribs and leave to marinate in a bowl for 4- 5 hours in the fridge. About half an hour before cooking take out of the fridge and leave the meat to relax and reach room temperature. That way the meat will be more tender when cooking.

The ribs can be either fried in a pan on a low heat for 30-40 minutes. The honey will make them brown quickly so make sure to fry in plenty of fat such as lard mixed with olive oil on a medium, not high, heat. Alternatively grill them over the BBQ and serve with potato salad and some sauerkraut.

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