Summer Recipes
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Tomato Salads

There are hundreds of ways to make a good tomato salad – from simply slicing the fresh summer tomatoes and drizzling some good quality olive oil over them to making a balsamic vinegar dressing and adding mozzarella, feta or any good quality cheese such as traditionally made gouda or cheddar. Fresh, summer tomato salads are always a hit – even with picky children. Use any tomatoes that look ripe and fresh – from small cherry tomatoes to big fat Coeur du boeuf .

Plain tomato salad

Slice fresh tomatoes and place on a serving plate. Sprinkle with finely chopped onion or chives, salt & pepper and fresh basil. Sprinkle generously with olive oil and serve as is.

Mozzarella tomato salad in a balsamic vinaigrette


Fresh summer tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, honey or sugar, basil, mozzarella or feta or gouda or any cheese you like the look of.


Add a good glug of balsamic vinegar into a bowl. Mix in a tea-spoon of sugar, salt & pepper and fresh herbs such as chives, fennel and basil. Add some finely chopped onions if you like. Add the sliced tomatoes and the cheese. Toss and serve.

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