Summer Recipes
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Sour-cream and chives cucumber salad


1 fresh cucumber, sour-cream (or fresh cream), white wine vinegar, chives, salt & pepper, 1 tea-spoon of honey or sugar.


Peel the cucumber. Using the side of a cheese grater slice the cucumber into wafer thin slices.  Pinching some sea salt between fingers and thumb sprinkle the salt over the sliced cucumber and leave to rest for approx. half an hour and leave to rest until the juice has leached out of the cucumbers.

For the vinaigrette

Mix the vinegar with the sugar, salt & pepper and chives. Stir in the sour cream (or fresh cream) into the vinegar. Squeeze the residual water out of the sliced cucumbers before adding to the vinaigrette. You can chill the residual cucumber juice and drink as a refreshing tonic later.

For the more adventurous add some grated ginger to the vinaigrette – the delicate flavour of the cucumber combines naturally with ginger to make a refreshing salad.

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