Summer Recipes
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Greek Tzatziki

Making this refreshing home-made and nutritious sauce is about as easy and as quick as opening a packet of sugared cereal and pouring milk on top. Really it takes five minutes maximum to prepare. Unlike commercial tzatziki your home-made tzatziki will not have been pasteurised and hence is packed full of natural nutrients plus plenty of beneficial bacteria to replenish and spoil you and your family’s human biome. On it’s own it tastes nice. OK.

Teamed up with my Greek-style burgers  – or any cooked or grilled meat for that matter it comes into its own and shines like a star on your dish. This is probably because your senses are telling you – this yoghurt brimming with healthy bacteria and enzymes is just what I need to help digest the cooked meat.


Roughly ¼ of a cucumber, yoghurt or sour cream, olive oil, mint or fennel or any seasonal herb you like the look of, olive oil, salt & pepper.


Grate the cucumber into a bowl. Add three to four tablespoons of yoghurt. Season with salt & pepper. Add some chopped mint or fennel. Drizzle a generous amount of olive oil over the sauce and and mix in. Ready to serve.

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