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This recipe is named after Oma who first prepared it when the children were little in her Thermomix. It can be made just as easily on the kitchen stove. It takes a lot to beat Nutella – who does not love Nutella? – but honestly, hand on heart, this tastes as good as if not better than the industrial version. This recipe makes three 400 ml sized pots. Go for the darkest chocolate you can find.


400 gr dark chocolate

200 gr muscovado or rapadura sugar

250 gr butter

400 ml milk

250 gr ground hazelnuts.


Gently melt the butter, sugar and milk in a pot – be sure not to use fermented butter because it will just curdle and separate from the mixture. This recipe strictly calls for fresh butter only.

Add the chocolate (crushed into the pieces) into the pot and stir until all of the solids chunks of chocolate have melted.

Add the ground hazel-nuts and stir.

Take off the heat and pour into pots.

Leave to cool before refrigerating.


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  1. Angelika Garnett says

    Not just the children love it, as a 72 year old , I have a weekness for it as well!

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