Mastering the Basics - ABC, or doh, re, mi of cooking
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Salad Dressing

Basic ingredients

Olive Oil. Salt & Pepper. Honey.

Begin by pouring a good glug of vinegar into a salad bowl. (If you want to be precise about 2-3 TBS). It is important to add the vinegar first since the flavours from the condiments dilute into the vinegar better than in the oil.

Sprinkle salt and the pepper into the vinegar plus some kind of sweetener of your choice – honey, maple-syrup, muscovado sugar. The addition of some sweetness takes the edge out of the vinegar and makes the salad dressing a lot more palatable. In summer add fresh herbs – chives, tarragon, dill, oregano what ever you have to hand. When all the ingredients have been stirred into the vinegar add a good glug of olive oil. Finish by tossing in the salad leaves, cucumbers and tomatoes or whatever vegetable you feel like adding – kidney beans, sweet corn, feta cheese, olives …

Feel free to replace the vinegar with lemon juice, yoghurt or sour cream. Add a tea-spoon of mustard if you think it will taste good or grate in some ginger if opting for a more oriental flavoured salad. The possibilities are endless … just stick to the core principle of some acid, olive oil, S&P and a sweetener of your choice and you can’t go wrong.

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