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Warm Food for Cold Days

One of the best ways to beat the winter blues is to eat warm, nourishing, comforting food that boosts not only our spirits but our immune system as well. It is a well known fact that the darker the days the more our immune system is compromised and prone to picking up passing nasties.

It is truly at times like this that traditional marinades and slow cooking come into their own. The long soak and the low heat will really transform your dishes into a culinary delight that heartens the soul, boost tastes & flavours as well as releasing more of the foods nutrients.

It is a time when nourishing soups are at their best, when a steamy, warm stew is at its most desirable and when creamy rice puddings served straight from the pan taste sublime.

Remember to serve fresh salads or pickled condiments alongside the cooked food. The enzymes will help your body work its way through all the cooked food. The water soluble vitamin C present in raw or pickled food will not have been destroyed by heat and can be assimilated by the body.



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