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Raspberry Jam

1 1kg of raspberries will make approx. three, 300ml jars.


1 kg of freash seasonal raspberries (July-September).

300 gr of raw cane sugar or honey.

200 ml.water

The juice of half a lemon.

Pectin and citric acid added according to instructions on the leaflet. Marmello 1 or Pomona Universal Pectin


Clean, the raspberries and place them in a blender. Blitz them for 10-15 seconds so they turn into a liquid pulp.


Press the blended raspberries through a food-mill. This will prevent most of the pips (of which there are many in raspberries!) from proliferating the jam.

Mix the pectin, citric acid and sugar in a baking tray and heat up in the oven until warm (five minutes or so). The heated sweetener will prevent the jam from caramalising and will help retain the fresh colour of the raspberries. If using honey heat the powdered pectin and citric acid in a pot.

Add the lemon juice to the squeezed raspberry juice and bring the mixture to a rolling boil.

When the juice has reached a rolling boil add the heated sugar (or honey), pectin and citric acid and stir until it has all melted evenly in the jam.

Bring the mixture, for a second time, to a rolling boil –  do not be tempted to stir at this point – it will just cool the mixture down and take longer for it to reach boiling point. If the sugar or honey has been properly dispersed it will not burn the bottom of the pan so can be safely left to reach a rolling boil.

Once it has reached a rolling boil leave it to boil for one minute.

Take the jam off the heat and gently skim off the foam with a ladle.

Pot the hot jam into the sterilised jars.

Fill the jam to the rim of the jar before sealing it tightly with the lid.

Turn the pot upside down to create a sterilised vacuum.

Do not worry that the jam is still liquid – it will begin to set as the jam begins to cool.

Label the jars and eat straight away or put in storage for up to twelve months.



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  1. Great recipe BUT: if you tell people to add water you should also caution to add extra pectin. For the pectin packaging does not instruct same. No doubt obvious to the expert maker but not immediately straightforward for the once in a while chef ….

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