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INDUSTRIAL METHODS OF FOOD PRESERVATION: A futile attempt to square the circle

This brings us onto one of the most controversial issues in modern food practices – how to prevent pathogenic microbial contamination of food when responsible for a production line that throws out millions of batches a day – and – preserve the food for long enough to hit the shelves.

Those responsible for the mass production of food are faced with four challenges. First, guarantee food free from microbial contamination. Second, prepare food at a competitive price that consumers will buy. Third, produce nutritious food. Fourth make a profit.

The fact is that it is impossible to fulfil the first three and deliver on the fourth. Which ever way we look at it, regardless of the excuses relied upon, no matter what the twisted science proposed it is pretty much impossible to deliver factory prepared food that is free from pathogenic contamination, that can be sold at competitive, budget friendly prices, that can return a profit – and offer natural nutrients.

At the end of the day consumers can not expect a food industry to deliver affordable, safe, profitable factory foods – and expect them to be nutritious. On the scale of priorities – non-contaminated food, profitability, competitiveness – nutrition comes in a sad last.

For the time pressed mother, father, guardian, lover the sad fact remains that it is impossible to buy quality convenience food at an affordable price. Ready-made, convenience food will always be a sad, shoddy shadow of the real product. Indulge in them occasionally. Never rely on them to provide the balance so crucial to the omnivore’s diet. Do not despair – the recipes set out here are simple, safe and relatively easy for the everyday cook to prepare at home.

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